Targa grouping on beach

Evolution of the Porsche 911 Targa

It has become a Porsche icon, but we now know the Targa was originally conceived as a slightly desperate compromise. Total 911 charts the evolution of an accidental masterpiece.

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The big Porsche interview: Jürgen Barth

After a daring escape from behind the Iron Curtain, Jürgen Barth became a Porsche Motorsport legend. We delve into his extraordinary story with a frank face-to-face…

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Porsche 993 GT2 test drive: snow time

The 993 GT2 is one of the most special homologation 911s. We test its mettle with an unforgettable Alpine drive to discover if it is the best from the 1990s.

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Built not bought: 996 Leichtbau

This 996 Carrera conforms to the ‘add lightness’ mantra, which has given rise to a unique Leichtbau project – as owner AJ Severino explains…

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