Straton Curve-Chrono: the ultimate customisable motorsport watch

Car enthusiasts are often fans of quality timepieces. Sometimes its because of an appreciation for the incredibly impressive mechanics underpinning a high-end watch; sometimes its because time-keeping has played an integral role in motorsport since day one.

Many legendary watches have been inspired by the world of racing however none have been as customisable as the upcoming Straton Curve-Chrono, a timepiece that can be moulded to your exacting tastes.

Catering for all budgets, Straton has developed both quartz-mechanical and automatic versions of its Curve-Chrono timepiece (both using range-topping Seiko movements to ensure high levels of accuracy and reliability).

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The watch itself is designed to evoke memories of the Seventies (for many a golden age of motorsport) and comes with a stainless steel cushion-shaped casing available in two different sizes – a bold 42mm and a more petit 39.5mm.

With its Heuer Monza-inspired looks, the Straton Curve-Chrono – as the name suggests – comes with the full compliment of chronograph dials, as well as a rotating inner bezel for tracking different time zones.

Available in five different styles (four using a brushed/polished silver case and the fifth finished in a black DLC coating), the Curve-Chrono comes with either a holed leather or steel bracelet strap as standard and can be specified with and without a date window.

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Currently offered through Straton’s KickStarter page, orders for a Curve-Chrono also include two additional NATO straps, available in a range of motorsport-inspired designs (including both Gulf and Martini-style stripes).

Meanwhile, the case back can be specified in one of two styles, move machined to mimic famous wheel designs. You can chose between either a BBS split rim or the Total 911 approved Fuchs design.

If that wasn’t enough, Straton has also created a series of classically styled driving gloves – crafted from genuine leather – to compliment your new Straton Curve-Chrono timepiece when out on the open road in your Porsche 911.

To pre-order your Straton Curve-Chrono ahead of deliveries in the autumn of 2016, head over to Straton’s KickStarter page now. Prices for the Curve-Chrono start at 279chf ($286), a discount of over 40%.

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