Six reasons why you should love Singer Vehicle Design

Last week we wowed you with pictures of Singer Vehicle Design’s new 4.0-litre engine and we realised, we really love the work that Rob Dickinson’s firm roll out of their Californian workshop. Here are the six reasons why:

1) They’re enthusiasts

Singer doesn’t exist to make bags of cash. Singer exists because Rob and everyone that works there just love the Porsche 911. The whole company stemmed out of the popularity for the Brown Bomber (above), Rob’s café racer-inspired classic 911 that he built for himself and used as a daily driver in Hollywood.

2) They’re bold

As creators of customers’ ultimate Porsche 911 vision, Singer aren’t afraid to be bold. Green and purple? Heck, if it looked cool on a Martini Racing Porsche 917 back in the Seventies, it sure as hell looks awesome on ‘Brooklyn’. And no, we didn’t think it would work either when we first heard about it.

3) They’re classy

By the same dint, the Porsche 911s that are restored in Singer’s workshop are truly classy. The wide body isn’t over the top, while the dished Fuchs-inspired rims aren’t overbearing. It all fits together beautifully and, when finished in a more ‘traditional’ combination, it truly looks like automotive jewellery.

4) They’re lightweight

In an age where cars are seemingly always growing, a Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer is the perfect antidote. The rear wings, roof, and bonnet are all carbon fibre, created by experts, Aria Group. Yet, because of point three, there’s no bare weave on display here. The composite materials are there to serve a purpose, not to pose.

5) Their attention to detail
Basket weave

Every nut, bolt, and washer is given a thorough seeing to during Singer’s restorations. If it can be improved it is. That’s why the 911s that roll out of the workshop can cost upwards of $500,000. But, when the results look this good, who cares. We mean, look at that basket weave!

6) They never stop

Credit: Drew Phillips
Credit: Drew Phillips

As point one showed, this is a labour of love. This means that Rob and the Singer team never stop looking at improving their work and moving forward. That’s why they released two new cars at Monterey last week. But, to find out about them, you’ll have to wait until Total 911 issue 118, due out 10 September.

If you can’t wait until then though, pick up a copy of issue 110 to read about ‘Brooklyn’ and the absurd lengths Singer goes to in order to produce the perfect Porsche 911. Pick up a copy online, or download it now.

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