Six Porsche books for your 2016 ‘must read’ list

We don’t normally endorse reading anything but Total 911 however, there are a glut of great books out on the shelves suitable for Porsche fans of all tastes. We’ve picked out our six favourite titles that need to make their way onto your 2016 ‘must read’ list:

Carrera RS
IP DSC_4828

Originally written in German by Dr. Thomas Gruber and Dr. Georg Konradsheim, this definitive bible about Porsche’s original Carrera RS has now been translated into English. Containing a wealth of archive photos, documents and bespoke studio shots across its 434 pages, this clothbound epic is limited to 3,000 copies and is a must for any Rennsport aficionado.
Price: €438
Website: www.tag-books.com
ISBN: 978-3-9504911-1-1

Porsche Drive
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Every Porsche 911 owner loves a good road trip and they don’t come much better than the route traversed across the Alps in ‘Porsche Drive’. Written by Jan Karl Baedeker (and accompanied by 305 stunning photos taken by Stefan Bogner), this route takes you across 15 passes in just four days. If this book doesn’t get you planning your next driving holiday, nothing will.
Price: €41.10
Website: www.delius-klasing.de
ISBN: 978-3-667-10289-8

Carrera 2.7
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This limited edition tome, of which 2,500 numbered copies have been printed, tells the complete story of the Carrera 2.7, a car relatively unknown compared to its similar-engined RS predecessor. Expertly researched and written by Ryan Snodgrass, this comprehensive compendium gives Carrera 2.7 fans and owners all of the information they will ever need.
Price: $249.99
Website: www.parabolicapress.com
ISBN: 978-0-9962682-8-8

The Complete Book of Porsche 911IP DSC_4857Originally published in 2011, ‘The Complete Book of Porsche 911’ has been updated this year by author and photographer, Randy Leffingwell to encompass the 991 generation of Neunelfer. Written in his characteristically accessible style, this is a vital encyclopaedia for those wishing to gain a broad overview of the 911’s 52-year iconic history.

Price: £35
Website: www.motorbooks.com
ISBN: 978-0-7603-4980-9

Porsche Sounds
IP DSC_4853

If there is any man who is fit to write a history of Porsche then it is Dieter Landenberger, the director of the Historical Archives at Porsche AG. Thanks to Landenberger’s unrivalled access to Zuffenhausen’s records, ‘Porsche Sounds’ features a number of previously unseen photos. However, the real boon is the CD of genuine Porsche engine recordings, from 911s to 917s.
Price: £34.99
Website: http://www.earbooks.net
ISBN: 978-3-943573-19-0

Porsche Turbo
IP DSC_4843

With the Porsche 911 heading into a future filled with forced induction, there has never been a better time to swot up on Stuttgart’s history of turbocharging. In his latest new release, Randy Leffingwell charts the journey from the 917/10, right through to the latest 991.2 Carrera, encompassing Zuffenhausen’s road cars and Weissachs thoroughbred racers.
Price: £45
Website: www.motorbooks.com
ISBN: 978-0-7603-4758-4

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