Six driving gadgets that you need now

Modern Porsche 911s are already packed full of electronic wizardry. However, that doesn’t meant that you don’t need a few more motoring gadgets to help you out while on the road. Here are six of the best:

AlcoSense Elite

20 per cent of drink-drive prosecutions in the UK happen the morning after. Keeping an AlcoSense Elite breathalyser in your pocket should prevent any trouble with the law however.

Complete all UK and Irish limits, the Elite gives an accurate blood alcohol reading with a clear ‘Don’t Drive’ warning if you’re still over the limit. There’s even a self-clean function to ensure improved longevity and accuracy.
Price: £59.99

Lifeline digital tyre pressure gauge
Lifeline gauge

As we explored in issue 115, not all tyre pressure gauges are born the same; often no two gauges will provide comparable readings of the same tyre.

With Lifeline’s digital gauge, the Parallax error that creeps in with traditional dial-faced gauges is eradicated and, with an accuracy of just +/- 1 per cent, this must-have tool for any garage should ensure that your tyre pressures are always where they need to be.
Price: £45.70 (ex VAT)

Road Angel Halo
Road Angel

With insurance claims becoming ever more disputable, it is no wonder that the popularity of dashboard cameras has risen rapidly.

This latest offering from Road Angel films forward at 720p HD with a rear camera capturing all the action at 480p. With a built in G-force sensor, it can rapidly turn on to capture perpetrators even when your car is parked up.
Price: £199.99

EE Buzzard 2
EE Buzzard 2

Providing a WiFi connection inside your car, the EE Buzzard 2 is ideal for those long road trips with your kids in the back seats.

By simply plugging the device into your 12v socket, the Buzzard turns into an internet hotspot that your passengers can connect their laptops and tablets to, allowing in-car entertainment all trip long. SIM plans can be bought monthly.
Price: From £19.99

TomTom GO 610
TomTom GO

The TomTom GO 610’s huge six-inch touch screen (with pinch, zoom and swipe capabilities) certainly gives a clear view of your desired route.

However, the real trick up this satnav’s sleeve is its ability to tap into your smartphone’s internet connection (via Bluetooth) to provide real time traffic updates. Spotting hold-ups ahead, the device can then reroute you and get you home on time. Also available in five-inch form.
Price: £199.99

TomTom Bandit
TomTom Bandit

GoPro isn’t the only player in the action camera world. There are a whole host of alternatives now, including TomTom’s Bandit, a fully self-contained unit that can film cinematic quality videos in 4K.

Featuring built in speed, G-force and altitude sensors (as well as GPS), the Bandit automatically notes down any video highlights when film. Combined with the companion app, this allows you to literally just shake your phone to edit together awesome videos.
Price: £299.99

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