Singer Vehicle Design’s ’69 hot rod in Total 911 now

Rob Dickinson’s association with the classic 911 goes some way back. After falling in love with the essence of the premier Porsche marque, the Californian-based maverick has since gone on to create one of the world’s most renowned names for high-end 911 bespokery, adding a modern twist to Stuttgart’s famed retro sports car.

Rob Dickinson's '69 hot rod is well known in California

However, the heady heights that Singer have now reached aren’t without a charming start, in the form of Rob’s very own ’69 hot rod, still on the road after 300,000 miles of glorious driving.

You can find out all about Rob’s rudimental hot rod project on page 36 of Total 911 issue 95, in shops now, featuring stunning imagery from the heart of the Californian mountains. To purchase a copy, visit the Imagine Shop at www.imagineshop.co.uk/magazines/total911.html, or download a digital edition for all platforms via the fabulous new GreatDigitalMags.com website.

The inspiration behind Singer Vehicle Design, in issue 95 of Total 911

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