Should you buy another Porsche to go with your 911, or is that naff?

Here’s a great guest blog by Total 911 Living the Legend reporter, John Carey. Do add  your comments.

I have been thinking recently about that most elusive of things the perfect combination. Fish and Chips. Curry and Beer. Teenagers and Chlamydia. So what other car should go alongside your 911 to create that perfect automotive combo? I’m not talking about your dream 10-car garage (been done to death, changes daily) but the more realistic situation of what to supplement the legend with.

First, if you are thinking the perfect complement to your 911 is another Porsche model with five doors – ie Panamera or Cayenne – stop. Erase that thought.  Whenever I go past a house and have a peek at what is on the driveway I cringe when I spot two models from the same brand. You know the scenario; he has a 5 Series she has a 1 Series, probably both de-badged. I imagine the West family would have made a similar choice if they had spent more time in car dealerships and less time in the cellar.

Now at the moment I have a black 330d (badged!) estate to go with a silver 996. If I had tried harder at school that would be an M5 touring next to a 997 Turbo. Does this make a good pairing? Well, the colours that show a lack of imagination on my part do appear to complement each other. The BMW also counters the impractical aspects of Carrera 4S. But when they are parked up side by side they just don’t look right together. They also make me look like I am trying too hard. And if you subtract 330 from 996 you end up with the number of the beast – should I be worried?

So what could go alongside the 996 (or any 911) that would avoid any satanic associations or social faux pas. Well, at the moment I think the new Volkswagen Golf R would fit the bill nicely. It’s both practical and classless. From what I read it would appear it’s quite quick, so it shouldn’t feel like the world is playing in slow motion after stepping out of a 911. They also share some design language. Look at the front bumpers of a Golf R and a Carrera 4S. Then squint a bit. See what I mean?

So what else would make them a match made in heaven? Obviously both companies have a shared history. This means that as they sit together in the garage they have something to talk about. But maybe more importantly, both the Golf and the 911 belong to the rare group of cars that you can genuinely see the evolution of the breed. Park either of these cars next to one of their respective ancestors and you can see a link. Park my BMW next to an E30 and, apart from the kink and kidneys, they don’t have much in common. Shame they hadn’t released the Golf R last year or I might now have the perfect combo.

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  • I’m lucky enough to have a 911 turbo cabriolet and a GT3 RS – despite both being Porsche 911s, they are chalk and cheese. The cab (tiptronic) is v quick but smooth and comfortable for summer cruising. The RS, on the other hand, will bite your bum if you lose concentration for a second – needs 110% focus to keep her on track (or even on road).
    But neither is a daily drive – that ‘honour’ goes to a Volvo…

  • I’d happily buy a Cayenne if it did a better job at what I need a 4×4 for. It doesn’t so I have a Landcruiser. But in an ideal world it would be early 911 and knocked-about Cayenne, no problem. I’d still need 7 other cars as well though.

  • Cayennes do a good job off road – I’ve had a good play – but interior space is lacking. Personally, I’d be happy with one and often check the classifieds….

  • Andrew

    Ideally I would have an Audi S4 sedan and a Porsche 911, oh I already have that, so much for worrying about that then.

  • Currently I have my 912 in the garage, a classic Vespa for commuting to work, and a BMW X3 for the wife. Not a bad combination. Looking to replace the X3 with a new shape Cayenne though, though would be the perfect trio.

  • Robert

    At the moment we have 2 Porsches 911 and two Range Rovers. Two years ago purchased a brand new Porsche 997 Carrera 4S Cabrio. Since then my Porsche went in and out of the garage. In total 17 visits to the Porsche mechanics,they changed engines two times by now and it’s still not good. Total time in garage over 6 months at the moment. Porsche Netherlands states they did the best they can, Porsche Germany doesn’t react. My recomendation would be: stop dreaming and by yourself a cheap Japanese car or just go by train.

  • hugh

    Phil, i think you need to elaborate why 2 models from the same family are taboo. if it is just an irrational gut feeling, so be it: the rational review suggests you are wrong.

    my rides are an RS 60 Boxster and a Cayenne GTS; these vehicle types compliment the Canadian climate thus justifying the initial 2 vehicle decision.

    so, now we get to the 2 Porsche agrument: these are 2 2008 models and so they share the same PCM interface and we know how complicated some of these new interfaces have become; the whole driver information interface overlaps which increases safety; they share the same oil and gas types so no confusion; of course the key is on the the same side so no fumbling between vehicles; fuel fill up on the same side; only 1 dealer to get to know for service work; steering stock controls have much overlap; Porsche makes the only manual SUV over here.

    in general Phil, the same brand means less adjustment between rides and that is good. finally, what other brand can give you full leather interiors on all vehicles!

    if 1 of a great thing is good, 2 must be better.


  • Hi, I wasn’t giving an opinion either way, just seeing what people thought. I’d be happy to own a Cayenne and a 911.



  • Jose

    Hi, I have 997 GT3 and Mercedes G500. Best of both worlds.

  • D///M