Secret Porsches to debut in special Museum exhibition

The latest special exhibition to grace the Porsche Museum opened yesterday, revealing 16 unique cars, many of which have never been in public before. ‘Project: Top Secret!’ takes a look at Porsche’s secret prototypes, from concept cars to experimental vehicles.

Porsche has a long history of researching and developing new automotive technologies however, many of the test mules were guarded with up most secrecy to ensure that Zuffenhausen always stayed one step ahead of its competition.

This means that many of the cars used during development at Weissach were often scrapped. However, some of the more exciting projects (such as the Porsche 959 aerodynamic test car and the V8-engined Porsche 965 now on display) were put into Porsche Museum’s stock.

Porsche Museum

Other oddities on display for the first time include a mid-engined Porsche 964 Targa mule used to test the engine concept ahead of the Boxster’s mainscale development, and a range of four-door designs that predate the modern Panamera concept.

The exhibition is running until 11 January 2015, with the Porsche Museum open between 9am and 6pm on Tuesdays to Sundays. Admission costs 8€ for adults, with concessions priced at 4€.

For more on the Porsche Museum and the incredible collection of cars they house in stock, keep an eye out for issue 119 of Total 911, on sale 8 October. Until then, pick up the latest issue of Total 911 in store, online, or download it now.


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