Say ‘hello’ to the turbocharged Porsche 992

Is the Porsche 911 about to head into a forced-induction-only future? If the strong rumours from our sources are correct, the answer to this question is a resounding ‘yes’. Because of this, the spy shots you see before you aren’t of a second-generation Porsche 991. Nope, this is the Porsche 992.

The rumours of the entire Porsche 911 range turning turbocharged are proving hard to ignore with Total 911 led to believe the next Porsche 911 Carrera will be released with a forced induction motor and a new type code to recognise this large-scale change in philosophy.

While the change may spell the end of the naturally aspirated powerplant in the Porsche 911, flat six enthusiasts have no need to panic. The engine will still be mounted out the back and there will still be six cylinders in the famous ‘boxer’ arrangement.

Porsche 992 4 - Watermark

So, the Porsche 992 – that’s its predicted internal name – will feature a smaller capacity engine, likely with twin turbochargers (as the current 991 Turbo has now). This will help with Porsche’s drive to improve performance and fuel economy while reducing CO2 emissions.

The car seen here is not your average blacked-out, taped-up test mule however. Looking resplendent in a mid-grey metallic, this pre-production 911 Carrera Cabriolet looks almost ready to launch.

In fact, if our sources are correct, there’s a chance the Porsche 992 will be officially unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. That’s earlier than we originally thought but we are not complaining.

Porsche 992 6 - Watermark

These latest spy shots show reworked door handles and a more traditionally styled rear decklid featuring vertical slats to replace the 991’s horizontal numbers.

The movable vanes in the front bumper are as evident as they were in our original spy shots from last December, while the exit vents on the bottom of the rear bumper are also retained (a key indicator of possible turbocharging beneath the bodywork).

Do you believe the rumours? Is the Porsche 911 heading for a turbocharged future with the 992? Get involved in the debate in the comments section below, or head to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Porsche 992 8 - Watermark

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