Sales Spotlight: Porsche 997 Sport Classic

Over the last year, Porsche Exclusive’s bespoke builds have seemingly amounted to little more than a few stickers and a specially embossed armrest fitted to a near-standard production model.

However, with the department celebrating their 30th birthday this year, there has been a renewed focus on Exclusive’s limited edition back catalogue, including on Total 911’s latest front cover.

In recent memory, the Porsche 997 Sport Classic is perhaps the department’s most accomplished build and now you could add one to your collection, if you pay Porsche Centre Leeds a visit with £385,000 in your wallet.


Yes, that’s right. £385,000. Despite the propensity for anniversaries to add significant premiums on the Porsche 911 market, the best part of £400,000 seems more than mildly ridiculous for a water-cooled Neunelfer.

Even so, there is a case to justify the enormous price tag at OPC Leeds. Just 250 examples of the Porsche 997 Sport Classic were ever made, making it more than six times rarer than the iconic 911 Carrera 2.7 RS (good examples of which can sell for more than £500,000).

Of course, the 997 Sport Classic doesn’t have the original Rennsport’s racing pedigree but, it isn’t without its dynamic delights thanks to the 410hp, Powerkit-equipped engine and six-speed manual gearbox – complete with short shift kit.


What’s more, for many, the Sport Classic is one of the best looking modern 911s ever built, thanks to its combination of Sport Classic Grey paintwork, double bubble roof, ducktail and genuine 19-inch Fuchs alloys.

Porsche Leeds’ example, no. 228 of 250, has covered just 8,060 miles since new too, leaving the Espresso Brown leather interior almost completely unblemished. And, with a new 991 Sport Classic potentially on the way, interest in the 997 original is only going to make prices head one way.

So, is £385,000 too much for 997 Sport Classic? Well, like any collector’s car, it’s only worth what someone is willing to pay. But, if the right buyer comes along…


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