Sales Spotlight: Porsche 991.1 Carrera

During its four-year tenure as the incumbent generation of the Porsche 911 line-up, the 991.1 Carrera was hit with more than its fair share of criticism from some of Zuffenhausen’s loyal disciples.

To the ‘purists’, the first generation 991 was too big, too digital and not enough like the previously lithe sports cars of Porsche’s past. Some even suggested it was more like a car from a certain Ingolstadt-based manufacturer.

However, with the Gen2 Porsche 991 switching to downsized, turbocharged powerplants, the 991.1 now marks the last 911 Carrera to feature a naturally aspired flat six. In the context of the current line-up, the 991 Gen1 is the last Neunelfer bastion for the ‘purists’.

Porsche 991.1 Carrera interior

What’s more, thanks to four years of depreciation, values for some of the early 991.1 Carreras are now incredibly competitive, as this particular Rhodium Silver Metallic example from Porsche Centre Portsmouth highlights.

With an asking price of £59,890, this Carrera is one of the cheapest 991 Gen1s currently available through Porsche’s Approved Used scheme and, complete with a rare manual gearbox (around 80 per cent of 991s were sold with the PDK shifter), it makes a great ‘back to basics’ Neunelfer that you can use everyday.

As we found in our 991.1 supertest back in issue 118, the standard Carrera – with its softer suspension, smaller brakes and rev-happy engine – is often a more enjoyable partner on British B-roads than its higher powered brethren.

Porsche 991.1 Carrera wheels

Unlike the 400hp Carrera S, much of the Carrera’s pace can be utilised in the real world without putting your licence on the line too often and, although an acquired taste, the seven-speed manual ‘box means that you’re always kept busy behind the wheel.

As one of the cheapest 991s on the market, this particular car doesn’t come with an extensive equipment sheet (the 14-way adjustable sports seats are the highlight of the options ticked by the original owner) however, buying through an OPC does get you Porsche’s two-year Approved Used warranty.

Check out the full spec of this 991.1 Carrera from OPC Portsmouth or search for other cars from Porsche’s Approved Used scheme using this pre-owned car locator.

Porsche 991.1 Carrera rear

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