Sales debate: Will water-cooled N/A 911 Carreras appreciate?

With the next generation of 911 switching to the use of turbochargers to boost power and reduce emissions, a new dawn has been bestowed upon the fabled Carrera. But what effect will Zuffenhausen’s new approach to its engines have on previous mass-produced Carreras in the 911’s water-cooled generation?

We’ve already witnessed a moderate increase in value of the 996-generation Carrera in 2015, while values of M97- engined 997 Carreras have also held firm. However, as the new era of 911 begins to populate OPC showrooms, there are calculated assertions from some circles that all naturally aspirated water-cooled Carreras may see an increase in their market pedigree.

Jamie Tyler of respected UK Porsche specialists, Paragon, believes this induction change will indeed have a positive influence on 996, 997 and 991-era 911s, telling us: “I think that the naturally aspirated cars will continue to hold their values or even slightly increase.

Porsche 997 Carrera engines

Good examples of 996’s have already started to go up in value, and they still represent superb value for money. Even 997.2’s (which were the first generation to switch to direct fuel injection) have held their values incredibly well – I view them to be the last of the classic looking shape of 911, which could bode well for the model in future.”

Paragon have sold a great number of quality 996, 997 and even 991 Carreras in recent years, and Jamie believes it will be interesting to see what the purist’s view of this new car will be once launched:

“I am sure it will be a superb car, but it’s a shame the naturally aspirated engine has had its day. It makes you wonder how much longer it’s going to be before hybrid technology is introduced into the 911 road car,” he says.

Porsche 996 Carreras

Meanwhile, Paul Stephens, proprietor of the eponymously named independent specialists, believes the turbocharged 911 Carrera will do little to help previous generations of the model. He tells us:

“The 996 and 997 Carreras were mass produced to such a huge scale that they’re just not rare enough for me. Just because those cars are naturally aspirated doesn’t necessarily mean people will start paying big money for them again, so the bona fide Turbo and GT3/RS are still the most sought after used models in my opinion.”

The differing views at Paragon and Paul Stephens are reminiscent of the entire industry. Only time will tell as to what effect the new car will have on previous generations but the 996 era has already gone up in value and early 997 owners will be hopeful of a similar fate…

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