Sales debate: Will Porsche 964 values catch up with the 993?

You’d have to be living in solitary confinement not to have witnessed the perpetual rise in values of a host of air-cooled 911s in recent times, with even the once-unloved 964 now on a crest of a wave in terms of reformed popularity. But can general values of the 964 catch and even usurp values of its younger brethren in the 993?

“Everything is continuing to go up, there’s no question of that,” says John Hawkins, proprietor of Specialist Cars of Malton, adding: “A good 964 can easily fetch £40,000, while a good 993 can currently fetch £50,000. The 964 should easily catch up, as it’s the last of that original Porsche 911 shape.”

That may be good news for those who have a tidy 964 parked up in their stable and who may be looking to sell in future. However, before that sales advert is drafted, it’s worth knowing that not everybody believes the 964 is destined for greatness over a later 993 variant.

Jamie Tyler, head of sales at Paragon Porsche, believes daylight will remain between general 964 and 993 values. He tells us: “Personally, I think that 964s will stay a little behind 993 prices. I would love them to catch up mind, as I’ve got one!”

Porsche 964

“I personally think that people love the impact bumper ‘80s cars (the 3.2 Carrera) and, with the 993 being the very last of the air-cooled era, the 964 has always been the car stuck in the middle,” Tyler says.

These differing sentiments from two of the UK’s most respected independent Porsche 911 dealers shows that there’s no united consensus on whether the now-revered 964 is likely to catch the 993 in terms of general values.

That said, it seems those private sellers looking to sell their 964 – or 993 – should perhaps wait a little while longer before they cash-in regardless, with values of air-cooled 911s in rust-free condition continuing to climb.

The news then is irrevocably good for both 964 and 993 owners who intend to enjoy the best of their classic Porsche 911 for some time yet.

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Porsche 993

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