Sales debate: Which 911 will steal the limelight in 2015?

The Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7 RS was the car of 2013, while last year saw the Porsche 964 RS shoot up in value. Total 911 asks renowned Porsche experts, Mark Sumpter (Managing Director of Paragon) and Jonathan Franklin (General Manager of Hexagon Modern Classics) which 911 they think will star in 2015.

“Well, 993 GT2s have already gone [up],” begins Sumpter. “The 996 GT2 should [appreciate rapidly] as that’s a sleeper at the moment. If you leave the craziness of the air-cooled stuff behind,” Sumpter feels the first water-cooled GT2 is well placed to rocket in value.

“It’s a super-rare car and they’ve gone from £40,000-50,000 to £50,000-70,000 [in 2014]. But, if an air-cooled GT2 is £600,000, how can a 996 GT2 be a tenth of the price?”

993 RS Comfort

Franklin explains that the effect of the 993 GT2 is sure to be felt in the Porsche market next year, though he believes it will be another 993 that benefits. “We’re seeing GT2s going north of £750,000.

The 993 Carrera RS has got the same seam-welded chassis and a lot of people seem to appreciate the naturally aspirated engine more.”

Therefore, Hexagon’s General Manager feels the last-aircooled Rennsport is well placed to soar into the stratosphere in 2015. With the added cachet of their rarity, the 993 RS – that currently sits “somewhere between £200,000-£250,000, with Clubsports up at about £300,000” – could be touching £500,000 in the next few years according to Franklin.

993 RS Clubsport

“People are looking at Porsches in a big way because they can’t afford a Ferrari anymore,” he explains. “There’s big interest in low-number cars.”

So, will it be air-cooled or water-cooled that thrives at the top end of the market this year? Either way, as 993 GT2s force upward, something will be dragged along.

As Sumpter remarks, “What tends to be happening is, as one 911 goes [up in value] it makes another one look cheaper.” Therefore, whichever 911 hits the headlines this year, its successor in the money stakes won’t be far behind.

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