Sales debate: What does the future hold for the 3.2 Carrera?

The 911 3.2 Carrera was one of the Eighties’ defining car. Its popularity was unbridled 30 years ago with a similar strength of feeling exhibited today.

However, the classic car market doesn’t always reward cars that were sold in large numbers in period. Jonathan Franklin, General Manager of Hexagon Modern Classics, explains what the future holds for this Eighties icon.

“At the moment, the 3.2 is an affordable way into the modern classic world,” Franklin explains. However, he doesn’t believe it will stay that way for long. “The air-cooled values, as everyone knows, are on fire.

“As the rarer models get out of the man off the street’s reach, it’s going to come down the food chain and the old Carrera Sports [will benefit].” Despite his bias as a 3.2 owner, this leads Franklin to assert the 3.2 Carrera as “possibly the best investment anyone could buy at the moment.”

Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Clubsport

As well as a naturally progression towards the ‘cheaper’ models, Franklin believes that 3.2 Carrera values are benefiting from a decline in the number of well-maintained examples.

“A lot of the good cars have gone anyway. The old G50 gearboxed cars are quite rare nowadays, and they’re gradually disappearing.” This trend is exacerbated by a growing export interest in the cars, Franklin remarks. All of this has already caused 3.2 Carrera values to “double in value in the last three years”.

With Franklin believing that this rise in values will be felt more keenly on the rarer variants, such as the Supersport and Clubsport, now is definitely the time to consider a 3.2 Carrera.

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