RPM Technik Porsche 996 CSR Retro video review

I am not the biggest fan of tuned/personalised Porsche 911s, especially ones with a retro vibe (I present you with exhibits ‘A’ and ‘B’) and have copped my fair share of flak on this very website for my modified musings.

Maybe, therefore, I wasn’t the best person to jump behind the wheel of RPM Technik’s latest acclaimed CSR build, the Porsche 996 CSR Retro. Or maybe, I was actually the perfect candidate. After all, if I could be convinced than the car must be truly excellent, right?

The list of modifications is truly staggering, with a mouth-watering raft of famous names supplying kit for the build: from Bilstein suspension and Eibach anti-roll bars, to genuine Fuchs forged alloy wheels.

In the metal, the Porsche 996 CSR Retro pleasantly surprised me, it’s narrow Carrera shell, GT3 side skirts and carbon fibre ducktail blending together to create a beautifully inviting silhouette. But how did it drive? You’ll have to watch our latest video review to find that out. Enjoy!

To read about RPM Technik’s other CSR Retro project – a 997 build – order Total 911 issue 132 online for home delivery. Alternatively, download your copy straight to your digital device now.

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