revealed: the Porsche 911s to buy in 2020

After the widespread doom and gloom of 2019, our experts have universally agreed the new year holds much promise, with uncertainty replaced by genuine excitement in showrooms around the planet.

A lot of that uplift in consumer mood is, particularly in the UK, down to the knock-on effects of political developments. We’ve long vowed not to print the B-word in this magazine, but the fact Britain and the EU are no longer in ‘Article 52 limbo’ has brought confidence from the public to spend, which has in turn injected new life into the used Porsche marketplace.

“People aren’t sitting on their hands so much now a decision has been made,” says Jamie Tyler, who can call on 26 years of experience in the industry with Paragon Porsche.

Already this year, vendors are seeing a healthy conversion of sales, as well as increased interest in their stock. “There’s a buzz around the industry again, for sure,” confirms Jonathan Franklin from the financiers Rare Car Finance.

“Buyers are back, and the market adjustment of the past couple of years means there’s lots of great-value cars out there. It’s set up to be an exciting year for quality used Porsches.”

Before we all start believing the golden days of 2014-2016 are about to return though, wise words of caution are uttered. “Generally, I think the air-cooled market is going to remain a tough place to trade in 2020,” says Karl Meyer, proprietor at Porschebuyer.com, with more than 11 years in the Porsche industry to his name.

“Whereas the water-cooled market generally represents superb value across the board, there’s still a little bit of heat in air-cooled cars, and it’s a bit more of an uneven playing field as condition and therefore prices vary quite wildly. They’re also firmly weekend or collector cars now, so they don’t have the wide appeal of the more modern metal somebody may lust after as their one and only 911.” 

As ever, good cars will always sell, but our experts are in broad agreement that it is the water-cooled cars in particular that look set to really find favour among enthusiasts. With excitement firmly back in the Porsche marketplace, Total 911 duly presents ten models our experts believe are great places to put your money in 2020…

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