revealed: the greatest Porsche 911s of all time

How to judge the greatest Porsche 911 of all time? Is it by cost, performance, desirability? There are many ways you can decide which 911 is the ‘GOAT’ and, depending on your criteria, you’ll probably get a different answer each time. 

The ‘greatest’ debate is one that has raged at T911 for some time. In the end, we’ve compiled our top five based on their impact on the Porsche 911 story, regardless of the aforementioned barometers of cost, performance or general desirability. These are the cars that profoundly changed the 911 tapestry, whose existence has had immeasurable influence on Porsche’s darling sports car.

Of the many, many exquisite models over the years boasting the numbers ‘9’, ‘1’ and ‘1’ on their backsides, it is a modern 911 which hustles its way into our top five and kicks off our GOAT countdown.

The GT3 Touring is on our list not just because of what it is, but for what it represents. A triumph for the purist in our world of fierce digitization and ceaseless technological integration, the Touring shows Porsche, despite its exponential growth in the last 20 years, is still prepared to listen to its sports car customers – a clientele that sadly does not form its bread-and-butter business any longer. 

The request was simple: customers merely wanted to change gear themselves in a 911 GT car. Duly delivered with aplomb, the movement back to manual started with the 991 R of 2016. Just as we were (begrudgingly) getting used to a perceived future of PDK-only transmissions in modern Porsche sports cars, Andreas Preuninger dropped this limited-run driver’s special which, at its heart, lay a beautiful, six-speed manual gearbox…

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