revealed: Porsche heroes of the 21st century

Our lead feature is slightly different this issue because, for the first time ever in Total 911, we’re led by people rather than cars. As you well know, the 911’s story is pretty much unlike any other within the worldwide motoring community, enjoying very nearly six decades of continuous production. However, it is since the turn of the Millennium that the 911 has really blossomed in terms of the diversity of its range, its popularity in regards to huge sales, and the ever-thriving culture around it.

As we always say in Total 911, the cars are wonderful, but it’s the people who make this community so special. It’s for that reason we’ve honoured ten individuals who we believe have been the most influential in the 911’s story since the year 2000, encompassing those from inside Porsche and out, whose work and influence has reached every far-flung region of our planet. Without these ten heroes, plus the efforts of many, many others, the 911 would not be what it is today – who knows, it may not even be here full stop. 

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