Real-time traffic updates for new PCM system

If you’ve ever wished for live traffic updates from your Porsche Communication Management system, your dreams are soon to become reality as, from September, all new Porsches will come with the ability to relay real-time traffic information.

All new vehicles with PCM 3.1 and the “online services” option (that is now available free of charge in Europe) will be able to connect to the new traffic service via a smartphone for no additional charge.

By simply downloading the Aha Radio app to your iPhone or Android device and connecting it to the PCM, live traffic updates will be displayed on the PCM screen in 14 European countries.

Porsche's updated PCM means you should be spend less time doing this...
Porsche’s updated PCM means you should be spend less time doing this…

While the current PCM traffic updates are processed using data from TMC and TMCpro, the new technology uses a much larger database comprised, in part, of GPS data from numerous mobile phones (hence the necessity for the Aha Radio app).

Collected and analysed by INRIX (a specialist technology firm), this data is relayed to the PCM 3.1 almost continuously, with near constant refreshes providing almost instant updates to the traffic situation on routes programmed into your navigation.

These results are clearly displayed on the PCM map, with green routes providing free flowing traffic, amber routes are stop-go and red routes are reserved for traffic jams.

...and more time doing this.
…and more time doing this.

The real-time nature of these traffic updates mean that the dynamic route calculation of the PCM 3.1 will be improved, minimising delays by avoiding traffic hotspots as they develop.

From 2016, Porsche Tequipment will offer a retrofit solution for vehicles fitted with PCM 3.1 and built after November 2012. If the “online services” option is already installed, the update will cost €232.05 (inc VAT).

For PCM 3.1s without “online services”, the retrofit will cost €351.05 (inc VAT) and will include the latest map data. To discuss your options, contact your local Porsche Centre.

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