Raw beef


Being English here at Total 911, we like our beer warm and dark, so hadn’t heard of the Aussie brew VB Raw. And even if we had, we’d have still been amazed by the company’s latest promotional tool.

It’s a 1978 911 that’s been stripped back to basics and restyled. Apparently, VB Raw is a back to basics beer consisting of just four ingrediants, so the car was created in the same spirit.

Designer Paul Begg took the base car and fitted 993 front and rear wings, bespoke bumpers and, most strikingly, a 356-style engine lid with a single, vertical air vent.

Insie, the basic treatment has been taken to extreme, with bare aluminium everywhere you look – even on the seats. It looks cool but, strewth, it must be noisy in there!


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