Put a Porsche on your drive for free

We’ve been playing around with the official Porsche iPhone app – Porsche Picture It. It allows you to create a photo of your perfect Porsche (well, assuming your perfect Porsche is silver) on your very own driveway.

Here’s a 911 outside Raby Towers. photo

You can download the app free from the iTunes store. Look out for a full review of iPhone apps in Total 911 very soon.

Comments (7)

  • Howard

    hehe, nice! I’m off to D’L although I am fairly certain it won’t be able to do mine….

    ….can you add 964’s Phil? 😛

  • Sadly, no 964s but you can have a Cayenne 😉

  • Howard

    Wow, it really works (especially like the way you can add your kids into the back!)

  • Howard

    Crap, that’s embarrassing…my attempt at adding a pic to be a funny sod failed miserably! 🙁

  • Email it and I’ll add it

  • Howard

    haha, the moment was lost! Cheers Phil! 😛

  • Go on, admit it – it was a photo of your real 964 on a fake driveway created by the Drives r US app. 🙂