Promotion – Excitement grows for the 991: official unveiling now only a month away

As we all know, Porsche is due to unveil the newest version of its 911 at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 in September. The unveiling of the 991 will not come as a huge surprise, though, as details, images and videos have already been doing the rounds on the internet for the last few weeks. We’ve released a few leaked and genuine images of the beauty just this week.

As the German car manufacturer tried to keep the new model under wraps, it was caught on video in Stuttgart pulling out of a gas station. The cameraman was on foot and chased it like a kid in a sweet shop to the traffic lights across the road so he could film it pull off with that distinctive Porsche growl.

The car is the sixth generation in the 911 series and looks and sounds to be the best yet. It will be Porsche’s first ever mainly-aluminium 911, which will also make it the lightest model ever. For this reason, it is tipped to pack better handling than any of its ancestors as well as lower fuel consumption. In fact, the intelligent alternator charging that Porsche have incorporated into the new 911 will reportedly reduce fuel consumption by up to 12%. This is, of course, unlikely to place it in a lower band of car insurance groups, but it is a welcome addition nonetheless.

The 991 is both longer and wider than before, which, rather surprisingly, doesn’t reduce its compactness. The larger sunroof is one of the most noticeable upgrades from the videos and pictures, which is a new avenue altogether for the Porsche 911. Ever since the ‘60s, owners have been subject to the compact sunroof to match the compact design of the car as a whole, but this literally opens up a whole new view.

The newest addition to the Porsche family will come in two packages: the 3.4 Carrera and the 3.8 Carrera S. Everything about this sumptuous motor will be better than the last and will rule the 911 roost for many years to come. Complete redesigns of the series have only come around three times, but this one is, without doubt, the most beautiful, most powerful and most stylish one yet.

Unfortunately, the wait goes on for the official release of the 991. As the excitement grows by the day, full details, in all their juicy glory, will be officially announced at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 next month. In the meantime, you can expect more pictures in the run-up to the event here at Total 911.

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