project gold: Porsche remakes one-off 993 Turbo

Porsche has today taken the extraordinary step of remaking a ‘one of one’ special edition 993 Turbo more than 20 years after production of air-cooled 911s ceased at Zuffenhausen. The car, code-named ‘Project Gold’ in teaser videos released by the company in the run-up to its revelation, has been put together by Porsche Classic, with its styling and gold paintwork evoking that of Porsche’s current 991 Turbo S Exclusive Edition.

Painted in Golden Yellow Metallic from Porsche Exclusive’s 991, the body of this collector’s item is ‘based on’ an original 993 body shell, with side air intakes present from the Exclusive 993 Turbo S, which was also available as an option on the regular 993 Turbo. Porsche says a brand new 3.6-litre 993 Turbo engine was installed into the car, its quoted output of 450hp suggesting the motor comes fitted with the X50 Powerkit option available at the time through Porsche Exclusive.

Project Gold took one and a half years to build, relying on a pool of over 6,500 genuine Porsche Classic parts, with Studio Porsche responsible for contemporary styling based on the 991 Turbo S Exclusive Edition, which includes black leather seats with gold piping, gold detailing on the tachometer, and carbon detailing inside and out.

Porsche says the car is a ‘one-off production’, which will be auctioned at RM Sotheby’s Porsche-only sale at PEC Atlanta on October 27, 2018, which itself will mark 70 years of Porsche sports car production. However, the winning bidder will not be able to enjoy this 993 on the public road: not road registered, Porsche says the car is “limited to use on private tracks.”

You can see Project Gold for yourself at Rennsport Reunion, Laguna Seca, on September 27, where the car will make its world debut. For the most in-depth report on Project Gold ahead of its appearance at auction, keep an eye out for Total 911 magazine issue 171, due out October 3.

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