Porsche’s new 991 Carrera 4 reveal: your thoughts

Due to go on sale in the UK from December this year, prices for the 4 and 4S will start at £77,924.

And, after a week of letting the dust settle, we’d like to know your first impressions Porsche’s latest four-wheel-drive 911 – be it good, bad, or anything in between.

Sharing your thoughts couldn’t be easier: simply comment below, tweet us (@Total911) or email in to editorial@total911.co.uk, and we look forward to hearing exactly what you have to say on the very latest edition to the ever-evolving 911 family.

Comments (2)

  • Julio Quintero

    911 prices have now crossed over the line into exotic car prices and become ever more elusive for most people. I just finished building a 4S on the Porsche website and It the did not take much to bring the final build price to almost $130,000. I suppose Porsche would like to push more Boxsters and that strategy will not work for me unless they build a 4S Boxster or 4S Cayman.

  • Oscar Briones

    Porsche cars are sound and well built but they are not exotic a la Ferrari however the 918 it’s, so why not this one be the flagship or the new 911 and go on competing with Ferrari for exotic specially as the price is approching F. prices.