Porsche’s ancestor goes walkabout

A unique car from the 1930s that had a profound influence on the design of Porsches is about to leave the Porsche Museum in Germany and travel to the USA. There it will be on temporary display at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, as part of an exhibition celebrating ‘The Allure of the Automobile.’

The Type 64 was built for the Berlin to Rome race, under the guidance of Ferdinand Porsche and boasts many of the features that would later appear in the first Porsches in the late 1940 and, indeed, are still apparent on today’s Porsches.

These features include lightweight construction, effective aerodynamics, exceptional performance, rear-engined configuration and very obvious hints at Porsche styling. One look at the sleek bodyshell is enough to tell you that this car has Porsche DNA.

The Type 64 never raced in the end, but Ferdinand Porsche enjoyed driving around in the 80mph grand tourer – he must have been quite a sight! The car’s aluminium bodyshell was rebuilt ready for the opening of the new Porsche Museum last year.


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