Porsche to ditch 911’s iconic five dials for 992 generation

The cabin of Porsche’s next-generation 911, the 992, has been uncovered for the first time after Total 911’s spies were able to get up close to a test mule. As you can see, the inside of the 992, set for launch at the Paris motor show in October, has been completely reworked with what could be argued as an even greater shift towards comfortable GT driving over focused sports car driving.

The screen in the centre of the dashboard is now much bigger, in line with the 911’s Panamera cousin, while the centre console beneath it appears to be wider than the current 991, too. PASM and PSM buttons have been relocated up from the centre console onto a small panel beneath the dashboard screen, though the biggest and most radical changes have taken place in front of the driver’s seat. Here, the 911’s iconic five dials, in existence since the first 911 of 1963, have been disbanded in favour of a digital screen either side of a centrally-placed analogue tachometer. In front of the new ‘dials’ layout sits a three-spoke, multi-function wheel that’s been redesigned despite retaining the ‘Mode’ wheel introduced for the 991.2 generation. Despite a scrapping of the 911’s five dials, traditionalists will be enthused by the presence of a manual shifter as the centerpiece of the 992’s interior.

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