Porsche reveals aero tweaks for 2013 GT3 R

Porsche have unveiled extensive new changes to their 997 GT3 R for use in the 2013 motorsport season. The beefy new look comprises of revisions to the chassis and body panels, improving downforce and traction for  higher cornering speeds and later braking points.

Noticeable changes include widened fender flares at the front and rear, while the repositioned rear wing has enlarged to the entire width of the vehicle. Panels on the front and rear bumpers as well as all fenders, sill covers and the rear diffuser have received further fine-tuning in the wind tunnel over the close season.

Further modifications include 50mm wider front and rear axles, while the front wheels now measure a herculean 12-inches wide – up from 10.9. The wheelbase of the GT3 R has also grown by 10mm.

Engine specifications for the 2013 customer competition 911 remain the same as last year, producing 500hp from the 4.0-litre flax six. Porsche are offering a conversion kit for customer teams to convert older model years of the 911 GT3 R to the 2013-spec. The kit is available from Porsche Motor-sport at the price of 45,500 Euros plus country-specific VAT.

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