Porsche exotica at Canford Classics 2016 open day – part one

Every year, renowned Porsche specialist, Canford Classics hold an open day at their rural Dorset headquarters (little more than a stone’s throw away from Total 911’s offices).

Welcoming all flavours of Zuffenhausen enthusiast, Canford’s annual ‘cars and coffee’ event always draws a delectable selection of Porsche machinery, with this year’s get-together no exception. If anything the level of exotica in 2016 was higher than ever.

From a replica Porsche 908 to Canford’s own RSR project, the workshop was crammed with stunning Zuffenhausen metal that was only topped by some exquisite cars brought along by local owners and customers. With a brace of 3.2 Clubsports, a 964 Carrera RS to a 997.2 GT3 (just to name a few), it was hard to know where to look.

If you missed out on attending and can’t wait for next year’s event, our massive two-part gallery will help you to relive Canford Classic’s 2016 open day. Enjoy part one!

All photos by Matthew Dear.

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