Porsche Awards 2010: a double win for Total 911

First, Total 911 wins the Porsche Magazine of the Year category, for the second time.

Second, Editor in Chief Philip Raby is named Porsche Journalist of the Year.

“Total 911 has a great team of talented writers and photographers plus a top designer, all of whom are Porsche enthusiasts, and the magazine award is, in many ways, due to their dedication and hard work,” says Phil Raby. “Furthermore, I’ve always strived to make Total 911 a magazine that readers feel a part of; I spend a lot of time communicating directly with readers and I know they appreciate that.

“Winning Porsche Journalist of the Year came a complete surprise and I’m honoured. These days I don’t get to write as much as I used to, which is a shame, but I’m still as passionate as ever about all things Porsche, and enjoy nothing more than getting my teeth into an in-depth article about a rare and forgotten Porsche.

“Thank you to Sundeep Nischal of 911UK for organising the awards (and for digging out an old photo of me with my much-missed 964!), and for everyone who took the time to vote. And, not least, congratulations to all the other category winners; a full list of which can be found by clicking here.”

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