Porsche announces new N-rated tyres for classic 911s

With summer fast approaching, Porsche has announced a raft of new N-rated tyres specifically for its range of classic sports cars, from short-wheelbase 911s right through to the early water-cooled 996s.

As one of the only rear-engined cars still on the market, the Porsche 911 places a unique load on its tyres. That is why Zuffenhausen insists that all Neunelfers are fitted with N-rated rubber at all times.

More than just a marketing ploy to extract more money from your wallet though, the N-rating process ensures that each approved tyre features a construction tough enough to withstand the Porsche 911’s unique forces, with each specific 911 model coming with its own list of N-rated boots.

993 N rated tyre

Therefore, N-rated tyres do not just improve your Porsche 911’s safety, they also allow you to enjoy your Neunelfer’s handling as Stuttgart intended (after all, the tyres are your car’s only connection to the road).

Approved tyres are not just for the latest line of Zuffenhausen sports car however. Every year, after extensive testing, Porsche announces new N-rated rubber for its multitude of classic sports cars too, with 32 new tyre recommendations making the recently released 2016 summer list.

These new tyres are more than simple reissues of historic models though. Porsche has worked closely with the tyre manufacturers – especially Pirelli – to create tyres that combine the look of original OEM rubber with the improved properties of modern offerings.

Walter Röhrl tyre testing

This has resulted in a new range of approved tyres with classic tread patterns, contact patch widths and cross-section ratios that can perform better than the originals, meeting all of the EU’s stringent tyre regulations.

Among the standout additions to the list is a new series of Pirelli P Zero Rosso tyres, originally fitted as standard to Porsche 993s and a track-specific version of the P Zero Trofeo R, designed for classic Porsches with 16 to 18-inch wheel diameters.

All the tyres have undergone extensive wet and dry testing on their respective Porsche 911 variants at the Weissach proving grounds, with Walter Röhrl on hand to provide his historical knowledge. All the new N-rated tyres can be order through Porsche Classic Centres now.

To read more about Porsche’s 911 tyre technology, download your copy of Total 911 issue 115 now.

N rated tyres

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