Porsche acronyms. Do you know your PSM from your ASR?

ABD         Automatic brake differential

ABS          Anti-lock braking system

ASR         Automatic slip regulation

AWS         Auto weight-sensing (for air bag deployment)

DFI         Direct fuel injection

DME         Digital motor electronics

ECU         Electronic control unit

EDC         Engine drag control

HBA         Hydraulic brake assist

HVAC         Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

IMS         Intermediate seal

KESSY         Keyless entry, start and exit system

LSA         Lightweight, stable, agile (sub-frame-mounted rear suspension)

LSD         Limited-slip differential

MAF         Mass air-flow (sensor)

MSR         Engine drag-force control (seems interchangeable with EDC)

OBC         On-board computer

OBD         On-board diagnostics

OPC         Official Porsche centre

PAS         Porsche access system (/power-assisted steering)

PASM         Porsche active suspension management

PCA         Porsche Club of America

PCCB         Porsche ceramic composite brake

PCGB         Porsche Cars Great Britain (not generally used for Porsche Club GB)

PCM         Porsche communication management

PCNA         Porsche Cars of North America

PDAS         Porsche Dynamische Allrad Steuerung/Porsche dynamic all-wheel-drive system

PDCC         Porsche dynamic chassis control

PDK         Porsche Doppelkupplung

POSIP         Porsche side-impact protection

PSE         Porsche sports exhaust

PSM         Porsche stability management

PTM         Porsche traction management

PTS         Paint to sample/Porches travel system (luggage)

PTV         Porsche torque vectoring

RMS         Rear main seal

TC         Traction control

TPC         (or TPM) Tyre pressure control/monitoring

VTG         Variable turbine geometry

VTS         Vehicle tracking system

WOT         Wide-open throttle

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