Porsche 997 GT2 RS – sold out

Porsche unveiled the 997 GT2 RS, its fastest roadgoing production car ever, in August and has just announced that all 500 have been sold.

That’s almost two months after the announcement. OK, it’s a £164,000 car in the UK but we’d have expected 500 to have sold faster than that on the worldwide market. Maybe the effects of the recession are still being felt!

Still, for those lucky 500, they have an astonishing car, the likes of which we won’t see again for a while. Will they prove to be investments? In the longterm maybe, but we don’t expect to see examples changing hands for a premium in the short term.

Someone on Twitter suggested investing a similar amount in a classic 993 GT2 and pointed us to this one. By a strange coincidence, we’d just minutes before been emailed by the dealer selling it to say it had just been sold! At the moment, the only other one we know of for sale in the UK is this Clubsport spec example.

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