Porsche 997 Cup replica

Where to take a road-legal replica 997 racecar. Why, to Oxfordshire, of course – the county that’s just turned off all its speed cameras.

Although we were safe from speed cameras we were bombarded by cameras of another sort – mobile phones. It was astonishing just how much interest the Porsche generated, especially when we headed into Oxford city centre.

Quotes of the day came from a group of schoolboys, one of whom called out “I’ll do things to you for your car.” And a binman who was videoing us with his phone and asked it we’d “Burn some rubber”. Seeing that we were stuck behind his lorry in a narrow street, we politely declined…

Look out for the full story in Total 911. In the meantime, here’s a taster of the photos plus an extraordinarily bad iPhone video, but at least it gives you a taste of the glorious exhaust sound!

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