Porsche 997 Carrera GTS UK test

Our immediate reaction was that the car feels very like the Sport Classic – yet is almost half the price of last year’s limited edition special. That makes sense because, like the Sport Classic, the new GTS is a rear-wheel drive Carrera S with a Powerkit and the wider rear body of the four-wheel drive variants.

Crucially, though, the suspension has been reworked and that’s what really gives the link to the Sport Classic. The ride remains astonishingly compliant yet the handling is improved over that of the standard Carrera S. The steering, in particular, is enhanced and feels sharper and more responsive than ever.

The result is a car that’s great value for money when you consider the standard specification yet remains an exciting and involving driver’s car that you could use every day, with none of the compromises of a GT3.

Porsche predicts that the Carrera GTS will be its most popular 997 variant in 2011, and we can see why. It’s all the 911 you’ll ever need.

Look out for the full story in the next issue of Total 911.

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