Porsche 993 Carrera 4S: ultimate guide

Widebody 911s have historically enjoyed a popular following among enthusiasts, so after successful early renditions in 3.2 Carrera and 964 form, it was only a matter of time before the 993 enjoyed the same treatment from the factory.

The result was the car you see here, the C4S being the first naturally aspirated 993 to receive the widebody treatment when it arrived for the 1996 model year.

Before we explore the detail, it’s worth a reminder of where the 993 fits into the 911 story. Launched in 1993, the Tony Hatter-styled model did much to reinvigorate the automotive world’s interest in the 911.

993 Carrera 4S interior

Sporting a classic outline and smooth new styling, it brought a number of benefits over the outgoing 964, not least of which was a bodyshell claimed to be 80 per cent new and 20 per cent stiffer, and featuring some clever aerodynamic enhancements.

That new shell was hot-dip galvanised so it would last longer, with further changes including a new headlamp design that claimed a 50 per cent improvement in light output, and quirky central pivots for wipers.

For the C4S, the most obvious change was the addition of the Turbo-look rear wings that added 60mm to the width, which was now a broad-shouldered 1,795mm.

993 Carrera 4S front

The electrically activated rear spoiler was retained, the lack of an intercooler negating the need for the Turbo’s fixed item, but those after more significant road presence could always delve into the Porsche Exclusiv catalogue.

A number of buyers did just that, resulting in cars that sported a more aggressive front air dam and an impressively large fixed rear wing, and while such modifications aren’t to all tastes, there is no arguing with the visual drama they bring.

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993 Carrera 4S detail

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