Porsche 991 supertest

What’s your idea of the perfect road trip? Be it a quiet, Sunday morning blast in that revered air-cooled 911, or a cross-continental epic in a modern supercar, we all harbour a vivid dream – some perhaps executed – of that idyllic drive.

My own utopian road trip can be aptly personified across the next 11 pages: consisting of a deserted mountain pass on a hot summer’s day with a mouth-watering flat-six ensemble to complement.

As well as Ali Cusick and his camera, I’m joined by my staff writer, Josh, and owner of this fine publication, Damian, for this extraordinary road trip, organised with one titillating mission in mind: to test the 911 Coupe, Cabriolet and Targa models in our possession.


Now, our three new sports cars chewing up the blacktop among the idyllic setting of north Wales may share the same gorgeous shade of Sapphire blue and a flat-six boxer engine, but this is where most of the similarities end.

Instead, the three of us are piloting a tasty treble of 991s, each representing a delectable iteration of new 911 Carrera. The differences between the Zuffenhausen trio before us make for fascinating cross-examination: two are open-topped; a different two have all-wheel drive; another two have manual gearboxes, and all have diverse power outputs.

This, then, is the supertest of the entire 991 Carrera range, as we dissect each engine and chassis and delve into the options list to discover the very embodiment of the current 911 outside of its Turbo or GT lineage.


Our earlier journey from Porsche GB’s headquarters in Reading was fairly nondescript, the convoy of Carreras settling into an amicable pace as we entered Wales via the Severn bridge.

45 minutes later and north of Abergavenny, the roads begin to take on some character: boring duel carriageways make way for exciting B-roads that dart through glorious, sweeping valleys. Rising to the occasion, the three of us elect to push on.

To read more of our incredible 991 supertest, including analysis of all the major option choices on the latest generation of Porsche 911, pick up a copy of Total 911 in store on online now. Alternatively, download it for an immediate Zuffenhausen fix.


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