Porsche 991 GT3 ultimate guide

We’ve previously subjected the first model to sport the GT3 badge, the awesome 996, to our Buyer’s Guide microscope. This time, we fast-forward more than ten years to the very latest.

Make no mistake, Total 911 is a huge fan of the latest GT3, and having pitted it against a 997 GT3 RS back in issue 131, we were left staggered by its combination of technology, cosseting luxury, and exquisite handling.

Not only is it the most breathtaking, it’s possibly the most everyday-friendly 911 ever to sport the GT3 badge, ever the embodiment of a proper Porsche according to Butzi himself.

991 GT3 wing

One of the reasons we rated it so highly was down to what lies beneath that purposeful rear wing, a 3.8-litre motor producing 475hp at a spine-tingling 8,250rpm.

Almost 100bhp more than the original GT3, it’s a thrilling confection of cutting edge, lightweight construction with titanium conrods and forged pistons that allow it to rev to an intoxicating 9,000rpm. With VarioCam variable valve timing for both inlet and exhaust camshafts and an advanced dry sump lubrication system, it’s also the first GT3 to feature direct fuel injection.

But as regular readers will know, it hasn’t been without issue, with a spate of high profile engine fires threatening to put a dent in Porsche’s reputation for peerless engineering.

991 GT3 engine

We’ve previously covered the problem in some detail, but essentially a failed connecting rod bolt could lead to terminal engine failure, with the resulting oil leakage leading to the much-publicised infernos.

After issuing a ‘stop driving’ notice to owners – some of whom were understandably dismayed after parting with more than £100,000 ($133,000) for their car – Porsche set about changing the engines in the 785 model year 2013-2014 cars affected.

However, despite a dozen examples being fitted with a second new motor due to a valvetrain issue, and the recall of 35 model year 2015 cars to have the spark plugs and coil packs replaced (a short circuit could have caused damaging engine misfires), it seems that Porsche’s quick action has left used values unharmed.

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Porsche 991 GT3 side

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