Porsche 964 Carrera 2 ultimate buyer’s guide

The Porsche 964 last graced our Ultimate Guide pages in Issue 130 when we got beneath the skin of the awesome 3.6 Turbo. This time it’s the naturally aspirated Carrera 2 that’s the focus of our attentions.

Rather more accessible than the blown car, prices are nonetheless rising as buyers come to appreciate its abilities, but is care needed when buying one? Let’s find out.

On the outside, the bodywork needs the same careful scrutiny you’d afford any 911. The occasional track day and making full use of the performance on the road can result in accident damage, so examine the alignment of the panels, especially around the doors and rear quarter panels.

IP Black 964 C2 057

Examine the inside of the front luggage compartment for ripples in the floor or inner wings too. The original finish wasn’t that good, so particularly tidy seams could indicate previous repairs.

Stone chipping around the nose isn’t uncommon and look for cracks in the polyurethane bumpers and front lights, but if the paintwork is scruffy what else has been neglected?

The good news is that the shell was fully galvanised, which limits the advance of tin-worm, but it’s worth checking beneath the screen rubbers and around the scuttle for tell-tale bubbling where the wipers are fitted.

IP Black 964 C2 052

Blocked sunroof drain holes can cause problems too, so look for any corrosion around the opening or evidence that water has entered the cabin. This was the first 911 to get plastic wheel-arch liners, which afford extra protection, although an accumulation of road muck can rot the bumper mounts.

Rust around the inner rear wing and above the light units could be a result of poor accident repairs, and replacing cracked light units is around £800 a pair.

Another first was the electric rear spoiler, which rose at 50mph and disappeared again at 6mph and could be manually operated via a cabin switch. This switch can stick, so look for correct deployment as a sticking switch can result in engine overheating.

To read our full Porsche 964 Carrera buyer’s guide, pick up Total 911 issue 136 in store today. Alternatively, download it straight to your digital device now.

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