Porsche 930 LE: ultimate guide

If you’re a car enthusiast of a certain age then there’s every chance your bedroom wall was adorned with a poster of the 911 Turbo, probably pinned right next to one of a white Lamborghini Countach.

It’s no surprise, of course, because the Turbo was a bona-fide supercar, its chunky Fuchs wheels and tea-tray spoiler more than capable of making a schoolboy’s heart beat that little bit faster.

But just like growing up, changes were afoot, and by 1989 a new generation of 911 was waiting in the wings. The 930 Turbo needed to go out on a high, which brings us to the car you see here: the very special LE.

Porsche 930 LE interior

And for once, ‘limited edition’ meant just that. Just 50 examples were made – in Coupe form only, with each Porsche centre being allocated one car – and it arrived in March 1989, boasting a bold price tag of £84,492.

Unsurprisingly, Porsche had no trouble shifting all 50 cars, just 14 of which were right-hand drive. That price was a whole lot more than the £27,000 or so that a regular Turbo had cost a decade previously, but this was to be no half-baked cosmetic makeover.

That’s just not the Porsche way, so once the regular model had left the production line it was handed over to the ‘Exclusive’ department, who stripped it down again and rebuilt it by hand, incorporating a host of unique upgrades, including any special requests from buyers.

Porsche 930 LE intake

Externally, it was still clearly a Turbo, and utilised the same galvanised body shell with a ten-year anti-corrosion warranty, but Porsche had taken things a bit further with the styling.

Starting at the front, it now sported a deeper, more jutting air dam incorporating rectangular fog lamps and a single-slatted intake to feed air to the newly integrated oil cooler behind.

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Porsche 930 LE centre console

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