Porsche 911 X51 Powerkit group test

The Powerkit: devised for those who desire a pinch of extra factory-honed grunt for their 911, it’s an intriguing optional extra best described as something of an enigma in Porschedom. Few get it, and most readily dismiss it.

Yet the Powerkit has stubbornly remained on the options list for generations, first offered on the 993-type Porsche 911, though not particularly exercised by customers until the water-cooled era.

The Porsche 996 ‘40 Jahre’ anniversary edition came with the Powerkit as standard but, otherwise, owners had to spec the factory-code X51 for their 996 and 997-generation Carrera S at purchase, while Turbo models were ordered with the slightly different X50 code Powerkit.

Porsche 911 Carrera S

Today, the X51 option can be ordered for a new 991 Carrera S for £9,388. And that’s exactly where the plot thickens.

Many feel that for over £9,000 of additional investment (the 996’s X51 Powerkit commanded £6,000 and the 997 near £8,000) the 30hp increase in power isn’t impressive enough.

Certainly, at face value at least, the numbers don’t add up. £312.50 per extra horsepower seems a steep ask, especially when a plethora of reputable aftermarket tuners will comfortably deliver a greater power hike than the Powerkit’s extra seven per cent.

Porsche X51 Powerkit

However, dig a little deeper and behind the numbers lies the science that makes for an interesting digestion of information that’s oh-so typical of Porsche’s genius. To find what Total 911 made of the X51 Powerkit, pick up your copy of issue 108 in store or online now.

Also inside you will find four ultra rare Porsche Turbos, bought together for the first time in one incredible group shoot, a 996 GT2 buyers’ guide, and an interview with Porsche racing legend, Gijs van Lennep – the 1973 Targa Florio winner.

If that wasn’t enough, we head to London with an R-Gruppe tuned 911T, test out two of DP Motorsport’s latest lightweights, and talk about the 2013 British GT Championship with Motorbase Performance, all inside Total 911 issue 108.

Porsche 911T R Gruppe

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