Porsche 911 spy shots: facelift or GTS?

Porsche 991 Facelift front
Credit: CarPix

These exclusive spy shots from the Nürburgring Nordschleife show that Porsche has been out at the ‘Green Hell’ this week, testing a new 911 model. However, underneath the surprising lack of tape, one question remains.

Is this the facelifted, second-generation Porsche 991, or is it the new GTS model?

Here at Total 911 we think the obvious money is on this being a second-generation 991, with the GTS (at least on the 997 platform) produced as a run out model for the second-generation platform.

Porsche 991 Facelift side
Credit: CarPix

At a first glance, there don’t appear to be many differences between this test mule and the current Porsche 911 Carrera 2. Sporting a narrow body (another suggestion that this isn’t a 991 GTS) the front lights appear to be direct carryovers from the current car.

However, the front LED lights have a liberal coating of tank tape, suggesting that this will be an area for redevelopment. The front splitter also includes an unusually blunt lip, again covered in plenty of tape. Could this be an active front splitter, akin to the 911 Turbo?

Porsche 991 Facelift rear
Credit: CarPix

At the rear, the brake light pods appear to be current 911 units, however their profile has been modified with tape, removing the sharp edge that wraps around onto the rear arches.

One of the biggest differences is on the edges of the rear bumper, where two horizontal ducts have appeared, suggesting reworked underbody aerodynamics, or a move to improve rear brake ducting.

So, is it the second-generation of 991, or is it an impending GTS model? Weigh in with your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

Porsche 991 Facelift near front
Credit: CarPix

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