Porsche 911 prototype 991s photos

This is what Craig says about the Porsches:

“I saw these buzzing up-n-down the Las Vegas Strip on 22nd September 2010

“All stealthy matte black with strange fixed rear wings, that almost looked like 993 Turbo wings. The turbo ducts on the C pillars were printed mylar, not real.

“I walked up to a driver and asked what cars these were and he spoke something in German and smiled. I asked if they were 991 test mules and he nodded “yes”.

“I pointed to my chest and said “993 4S” and he said, “Ahhhhhhhhh the last, the best!” in English.

“The one interior I saw was very similar to a 997 with Turbo S steering wheel and flappy paddle PDK. They had small rear seats, like current 911s.

“The engines sounded similar to the current 997’s.

“There were also Boxster mules in the parade, but no Caymans; so I’m going to start the rumour that Cayman development is finished!

“There were a total of  12 cars; 7 coupes,3 Cabriolets and  two Boxsters.”

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