Poll: Should Rennsport Reunion be held every year?

So, we’ve let the dust settle on Rennsport Reunion V, the biggest gathering of Porsches the world has ever seen. Above, Porsche’s latest video explains why it’s so important that the Reunion events take place and it has got us thinking.

Should Rennsport Reunion be run every year? Before RR5, the last Rennsport event took place in 2011 with Reunions 1 to 3 run in 2001, 2004 and 2007 respectively making it a rather sporadic event.

Is that part of its charm? The almost spontaneous nature of each Rennsport Reunion creates incredible hype which can then be matched by the organising team who are given a good few years to arrange the myriad of Porsche exotica.

Alternatively, running the event every year would allow Weissach fans to get an annual Porsche fix and could allow the show to go on the road, visiting a different US circuit each year. We can’t decide which is best but, hopefully you can, so get voting in our latest poll below.

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