Poll: How would you improve the next Porsche 911 generation?

“It’s too big”; “I don’t like the power steering”; “It’s too fast”. Each time a new generation of Porsche 911 is released, Zuffenhausen’s cognoscenti (us included) are never short of an opinion or two.

So, in our latest poll, we want to find out what the one thing you’d ensure happens to improve the next new Porsche 911. We just can’t guarantee that Porsche will actually do it…

And, if you can’t find a suitable improvement in our list, you can add your own ideas via the ‘Other’ selection. So, what are you waiting for? Get voting now!

Comments (2)

  • patrick andrews

    Return it to the shape of the 996. https://www.classactiondesigns.com/idling/when-it-aint-broke/
    That silhouette shows exactly where the body shape has gone awry.

  • Bouboulah

    Maybe a big spoiler for the Turbo version. I think that the 930, the 964 Turbo and the 993 Turbo had one hell of a design. They should also get rid of the big screen on the GT3, GT3 RS, GT2 and GT2 RS. All those cars should have the same kind of interior as the new 911 R. The new GT2 and GT2 RS should have a more spectacular design too, maybe a mix between a 991 GT3 RS and a 993 GT2. To finish, the new Carrera version should really loses its turbo engine. A NA/hybrid engine should be ok, I guess…