Poll: How should the Porsche 911’s engine be cooled?

This morning, Porsche announced that 10,940 new Porsche 991s have rolled off the production line at Zuffenhausen in the first third of 2015, a six per cent increase over the same January-April period last year.

Ever since the introduction of water-cooling, Porsche 911 sales have soared with both 996 and 997 generations among the most popular neunelfers of all time. Yet, support for the early years of air-cooling remains strong.

Events like Patrick Long’s ‘Luftgekühlt’ prove that the passion for air-cooled 911s is possibly at an all time high (as did the response to our April Fool’s Day joke). So, once and for all, we want to find out if you are air-cooled or water-cooled. Vote now!

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