Piacentro to Roccaraso, Italy

Written by our community author Alberto Vella.

Piacentro has been repeatedly voted in the top ten most attractive villages in Italy. Heading up to the mountains, the route starts with lots of hairpins as the road constantly climbs, before you’re greeted with some straights as you reach the plateau. Here, you’ll have great photo opportunities of the valley below.

The roads continue to get better from here. Turn towards Campo di Giove, then head up to the highest point of this route, approx 1,276m, known as the Forchetta. This route will not be open between November to April due to the risk of avalanches, however.

Then head down with some long straights, which then lead onto some plains. You will have the town of Rivisondoli to your right. As you reach the end of the route I would encourage you to visit Roccaraso for some refreshments as there’s lots of bars, cafes & restaurants. It is also one of the largest Ski Resorts in the Abruzzo region.

I’ve done this route many times, best enjoyed with a naturally aspirated engine, preferably something mid-engined.

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