Paddleshifters arrive for PDK

2010-my-997-turbo-paddle-shift-for-pdkPart of the new 997 Turbo announcement is the news that proper paddle-shifters will be offered with the PDK transmission.

The existing PDK buttons have long been critisised for being counterintuitive, and we’d heard rumours that Porsche was going to bow to public pressure on this one.

The Turbo’s paddleshifters will work like most other systems – right paddle for changing up, left paddle for shifting down. It seems that the paddleshifters will be offered as an option, though, with the existing buttons remaining as standard PDK fare. Still, it’s good to have a choice.

It will undoubtedly be only a matter of time before the same shifters will be offered for the PDK Carrera range, too.

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