Our incredible issue 119 road trip will make you want to get out and drive

It was early June, and after returning from a tour of Afghanistan I had some spare time on my hands. I decided I wanted to do something fun and adventurous, so before long I was contemplating steering my 1972 911T hot rod on a road trip headed for the south of France.

My mission? To find some of the most thrilling and intoxicating driving routes and passes the area has to offer. Last year, I did our ‘Run to the Hills’ trip with my friend Daniel Schaefer from Heckmotorsportwagen.

It proved more difficult to sync our free time this year, so I made haste and decided to do this tour as a lone wolf. ‘Travel light’ is one of my mottos, so I didn’t take too much with me. At the top of the list was my photography equipment.


Additionally, I took along a small tent, a lightweight air bed, a sleeping bag, some clothes and toiletries, a spacesaver spare wheel and a jack, a spare DME relay and a set of light bulbs. I also packed two litres of motor oil, some maps, a flashlight, a GoPro, a navigation system and, of course, some cash.

On Sunday 1 June, I left for Reims on the stroke of 3pm. Near the Luxembourg border, I opted for the country roads and left the freeway. Four and a half hours after leaving the house, I parked my 911 at the old Reims pits near the village of Gueux.

The weather was fantastic, and I had plenty of time to take some good photos of the car in its heritage-rich location. I spent hours shooting along the remnants of the old Reims circuit, and before long the sun had set and my watch read 10pm.


After checking in to a budget hotel, I set my alarm for 5:30am so I could hit the road again by 6 the next morning. The plan for day two was to drive to Malaucene at the base of the infamous Mont Ventoux.

The first part covers freeways, while the second was mainly mountain roads. An hour after I left Reims, I decided to fuel up for the rest of the freeway section and top the engine up with half a litre of oil.

To read more of our incredible trip to the south of France in a classic 911 hot rod pick up a copy of Total 911 issue 119 in store or online now. Alternatively, you can download a copy immediately to your digital device.


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