Numbers game

Conversation in the Total 911 office has turned to the numbers we’ve got in front of us on our screens at the moment:

12 seconds – the time the new 997 GT3 RS (below) takes to reach 124mph

700Nm – the new Turbo S’s maximum torque figure

£2248 – the extra you pay for a new Turbo S over a standard Turbo specced to the same level

86 – the number of original 964 Turbo S cars built

260bhp – the output of the 1976 911 Turbo. Almost half the power of the modern Turbo

50% – the typical depreciation of of a 997 over five years

8500rpm – the 997 GT3 RS’s redline

1320kg – weight of a 996 Carrera

1984-1989 – production dates of Carrera 3.2

1.2 bar – maximum boost pressure of a rather special turbocharged 964

Does this show we’re a bunch of anoraks? Maybe, but it also gives you a taster of what we’re working on for the next issue of Total 911. It’s going to be a good one!



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